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Ecologies - Trash, Toxicity, Transmission

Thread editor: Jamie Skye Bianco

Nicole Starosielski - Circuits to Past
Katherine Behar  - E-Waste
Stephanie Boluk - Money as Medium, Speculation and Scrypt
Jarah Moesch - L.U.N.G.S
Jocelyn Monahan and Jeff Curran - Topographies of Interference
Lynn Sullivan - Long Time No Ocean
Melissa Rogers - Make(r) Space, Making Space: A Media Ecology in Two Parts


Let me begin with a thank you to the contributors of the Ecologies thread and to Rob Gehl for his collaboration and generosity.

Ecologies is a new thread for Lateral and an experiment in practice-based, multi-modal and multi-venue presentation of work in cultural studies. As the Design Editor for Lateral since its inception, I have worked with many contributors and thread editors to produce conversations in web-based publishing that emerge from the membership and annual conference of the Cultural Studies Association, and while these works (all of which can be found right here on Lateral) trace back to our annual gathering, these publications essentially function outside of the conference itself.

Until now.

The Ecologies thread and the works you find here constitute one of three parts of the Ecologies project, produced in conjunction with the Media Interventions Working Group and the inaugural CSA makerSpace!

Contributors present their work at the conference in the Media Interventions panels in the modes we might expect to find at a scholarly conference. Two panels of speakers, all of the folk listed here, will discuss or show their work to the attendees of the Cultural Studies Annual Conference.

In addition, and with the incredible co-organizing talents and labor of Melissa Rogers, CSA’s first makerSpace and exhibition runs concurrently with the Conference. The scholar/artists presented here as well as additional CSA scholar/artist/practitioners will present works for exhibition, workshops and performances.

The makerSpace is documented in Melissa Roger’s contribution here in the thread (after July 2014). 

So please, enjoy what you find in the Ecologies thread, but please also return, as these ecologies and collaborations are growing.

Jamie Skye Bianco