Special Issue: Marxism and Cultural Studies


Special Issue 7.1 (Spring 2018)

Submission deadline: December 1, 2017.

Lateral seeks articles, essays, and critiques reflecting on one of the most influential threads of thought in cultural studies.

The editors invite interventions related to

  • Black Marxism
  • Marxist Feminism
  • Inter- and Transnational Marxisms
  • Capital’s influence on movements such as unions, gender liberation, queer liberation, black liberation, workers’ and poor people’s liberation, anticolonialism and national liberation, disability justice, and more
  • Contemporary radical politics and practice
  • The Frankfurt School
  • The Birmingham School
  • The future of Marxist thought and action
  • Marxism’s historical legacy
  • The development and dissemination of Marxism as a school of thought, political theory, and revolutionary practice
  • and other topics broadly related to Marxism.

In addition to full-length articles (4,000–9,500 words), the editors invite discussions from those working on colloquia, conferences, courses, and other events and resources in this area. Please be in touch about publishing materials as part of this special issue.

Submissions due December 1, 2017 for publication online in May 2018. For submission guidelines, see http://csalateral.org/contribute. Early submissions are encouraged and inquiries are welcome.

Lateral is the peer-reviewed digital journal and production site of the Cultural Studies Association, designed to foster experimentation and collaboration among cultural studies practitioners and researchers. It is committed to critical studies of culture that advance and extend the reach of cultural studies as a field and method of inquiry and as an intellectual/political project.

Lateral Editors
Stefanie A. Jones (sjones@gradcenter.cuny.edu)
Eero Laine (eero.email@gmail.com)
Chris Alen Sula (csula@pratt.edu)