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Contribute To Lateral

Publication in Lateral is organized through research threads. Threads are curated by one or more people who take responsibility for disseminating a call, developing material through a dialogic peer review process, working with the Lateral production team to design an appropriate format to present the material, and assuring that the material is ready for submission.

For those interested in proposing a thread, contact one of the three co-editors.

For those interested in contributing to an existing thread, contact the relevant thread editor.

Once a contribution is published, thread editors invite responses, reflections, and elaborations. If you are interested in proposing or crafting something in response to what has appeared in Lateral to date, please contact the appropriate thread editor(s). Like the original publications, these co-lateral interventions may take a variety of forms -- visual, aural, textual. Thread editors are responsible for curating responses to materials published in their threads.

All work presented in Lateral is freely available and usable in various contexts. It is neither proprietary to the CSA nor registered for copyright by us. If work is cited or used in any way we ask that attribution of author, name of the material, and Lateral as source be referenced. We recommend to contributors the creative commons licensing framework, which provides for a range of kinds of permission for use (commercial or non), marking in the public domain, and modification or sharing. The stipulations of the license selected are then included along with the published materials.